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Reigning in Christ: Unleashing Signs and Wonders

Posted by Lorraine Serra on November 22, 2011 at 12:55 PM

Oh, during this Thanksgiving week we can praise God for the Wonder of His Love, Jesus Christ our Redeemer.  Thank Him for the forgiveness we have and that we are clothed in His righteousness.

We praise and thank God for the gift of His Holy Spirit indwelling every believer, stirring us to know the ways of God and to walk in them.  Thank Him for the gift of Faith reigning in our hearts, and His power at work in us. 

Praise God that we are citizens of His Kingdom, now and forever.  We need not fear the broken systems of the world.  The troubles we see around us are the result of man trying to work things out without God.

But, we are a separate people, set apart, sealed by His Holy Spirit.  “Fear not! I have overcome the world,” Jesus cries out to us.  He has provided all that we need.  Praise Him for it and respond!

We have established that grace is God’s part, faith is our part.  Faith is a response to grace, an exuberant response to the purely free gift of God’s favor, blessing and irrevocable love for us.

True faith requires action.  Hold on!  This is not about “faith without works is dead”.  Read on, please.

I once heard a preacher some 20 years ago say that faith is a verb.  See if you agree.

Faith-ing is the way he described a Christian’s life.  It is a life in which active faith in Jesus,  and all that He has already accomplished on our behalf,  gains us access into the bounty of grace and blessings which are eternal and unending.   Sounds fantastic, right?   So, let’s grasp this and activate it for the here and now.  Because when we do, we will be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and witness the hand of God moving in signs and wonders around us all the time.

As I posted last time, let me reiterate, active faith is not about “doing” activities; yet action is required.  All of the power that God has provided to us, that same power that raised Jesus from the dead, is not gained by mental assent alone.  Mentally being in agreement does not release power, any more than agreeing that a road trip sure is awesome, but then never leaving home.    

How often have you heard the expression “you gotta get the truth to travel the 14 inches from your head to your heart”?  Faith that makes the journey from the mind to the heart ignites the power of the Holy Spirit in us and becomes active.  By this faith, God "transfers us into the kingdom of His dear Son" Col 1:13.  We are moved from this realm into God's realm, halleluia!

Consciously, deliberately practicing FAITH does release Holy Spirit power into our lives and circumstances.   Participation is required.  Whatever the situation, retrieve His Word hidden in your heart and get fired up, replenished, energized to stand!

If faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God according to Romans 10:17, then we can activate our faith by speaking and hearing the Holy Word of God daily, and always, not just on Sunday morning sitting in the 4th pew back on the left!

Galatians 5 urges us to stand free in the grace of God, put faith in the goodness of God, not in our own goodness, and allow the power of His Word to work in our life.   Do you remember that His Word is a like a two-edged sword?  That sword is ready to sever all ties to deception, to self-reliance, to performance, and to “holy busyness”.

ACTIVELY BELIEVING the Word, and speaking God’s truth, means aligning all of who you are with what God says is true, without doubt.   This is the “action “  that will truly change lives, release power, overcome addictions, heal wounded hearts, and enable us to live in hope, without fear.  

 Why?  Because we are people of promise and joint-heirs with Jesus in the Kingdom of God.  We have been granted access to all spiritual blessings,Ephesians1, and promised provision, for every single issue of life.   If it were not so, Jesus would not have said it in Matthew 6:25-33.  “Do not worry about your life….seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be given unto you.”     Here is where we find the signs, wonders and miracles.

My husband and I will be ministering in two services at the prison on Thanksgiving.  I have to tell you, honestly, it is an awesome place to be.  Each time we go I am overwhelmed with all that the Spirit of God is doing in the lives of the inmates.  Talk about signs and wonders!  Changed lives!  Men who are grateful to be serving a sentence that became the doorway to new life in Christ! What a miracle!

On Thanksgiving Day,  I wonder what else they will be thankful for?

There are plenty of folks who are in prison at home.  They are in bondage to the lies of the enemy which would seek to keep them weak and deceived, stuck and powerless.  They are trapped by anger, low self-esteem, unforgiveness, grief, and hopelessness.

Jesus died to set us free.  Truly grasping this and allowing it to ignite our hearts puts every circumstance of life in a different light.

Listen to Peter's exhortation: 1Peter 1:13  "Prepare your minds for action, be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given to you when Jesus Christ is revealed."

  Bless God for wisdom and understanding, and pray for a greater openness to receive it. Ephesians 1:17-19.  Then, watch the signs and wonders appear.

We need only believe God, and let no enemy rob us of all He has gifted to us.  Luke 12:32 and Eph. 6:14

The enemy has diluted our power, making us believe there are no more signs and wonders or miracles.  Has God moved away?  Are we not still living in His grip? 

There is more to say next time. Until then, let us all praise and thank God for our nation, and pray He will preserve us still;  pray for our leaders and the leaders of the world. The time is right for men to finally admit they need Divine Wisdom for solutions.  Come, Lord Jesus!

Happy Thanksgiving one and all. I pray you will give glory to God for all the signs and wonders around your table. 

As always,

I welcome your comments, or share praises and prayer requests.  Freely post below.  Thanks for studying along with me.  I praise God for you.



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Reply Lorraine Serra
10:00 PM on November 23, 2011 
Praise God for answered prayer! Signs and wonders abounding! I am so happy for you! Thank you, Lord. It is always such a joy to celebrate God's hand through the struggle and in the solution. Now I will be praying for your transition time and discernment about your new "assignment". God bless you and yours, too, Linda.
Reply Linda
12:30 PM on November 23, 2011 
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Bless you for serving those in prison....they need to see Jesus. It's true what you said about people being in bondage who are not even in prison. I see it all around me. And, both you and I have loved ones in a deep struggle right now. I pray that God will break through and reach them like no one else can. At times, it is beyond us. But, He is able.
Here is a praise we can be thankful for: we were offered a job opportunity that is so much better than our current circumstances and will be better in the long run. It basically fell into our lap! After several years of struggle and not knowing...the why's and how's are becomming clearer. I guess He wants us to stay up here a little longer. We praise Him for our struggle because, in it, we see that He is worthy of all praise and glory! Blessings, Linda