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Wisdom to Believe

Posted by Lorraine Serra on April 4, 2012 at 10:30 AM

You know, it has been said that "Love is a choice."   That is absolutely true.  Anyone who has been married, even for only one year, has had to choose to love in the face of disappointment or disagreement.  

The conflict of wills is inevitable. Between friends, family, spouses, in offices and churches.

Anyone who has a disobedient child, perhaps a reckless teenager, chooses to love in spite of attitudes and activities.   Caring for a sick relative or spouse, maybe one who is less than polite and grateful, can test our capacity to love, but we choose to love anyway.

Wisdom is a choice, too, in my opinion.  What we learn, experience and observe adds to our knowledge in the natural world and in the spiritual realm as well.   What we choose to do with that knowledge indicates how well we exercise wisdom.   

As a child of about 5 years old, I decided to lay my hand flat upon a pan heating on the stove to see if it was hot.  What did I learn?   Next time I will splash a bit of water on a pan to see how hot it is!  Never did that again.

As a new driver I didn’t pay much attention to the speed limit and was surprised by another car making a u-turn up ahead of me.   I couldn’t stop in time.  What did I learn?  Speed limits and defensive driving techniques are for your benefit.

As a newlywed I defiantly went out with my girlfriends for dancing and partying and caused a serious rift in our marriage.  What did I learn?  The goal of two becoming one flesh is worth the effort and the sacrifices.   Stability and confidence are earned and worth the investment.

As a new mother I poured myself into my children, often giving them precedence over my husband, and treating him like another child, unaware.  What did I learn?  God’s order is from the highest authority and supreme wisdom.  No counselor is like God’s Word. 

God first, spouse second, children third, everyone else next.  What did I learn?  Priorities matter, and protecting and maintaining your relationships in the way that God has ordained is right and good.  Ephesians  5,  Colossians  3

The greatest wisdom we can exercise is to believe God.  Job 22: 21-22    I know it is difficult, and it just can’t be done in our own strength, in our own flesh.  It is a spiritual gift to believe God, cultivated by time spent in His Word, getting to know the Savior and all that He has for those who believe…..

Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  That is from Hebrews 11:6.   It is pretty plain and simple, don’t you think?   Remember that scripture that says he who has faith as a little child will enter the kingdom of Heaven?  Luke  18:17

If we are wise, we will observe that scripture, and countless others, and we will learn from the testimonies of average folks who served an awesome God in both the Old and New Testaments, and we will immerse ourselves in conversations and meditations with the Lord and receive the gift of true faith, and truly believe God.

Being prepared in advance of a trial provides so much more strength to move through it.   I give God the glory and praise for all He has done in settling my soul and giving my family peace through our son’s recovery from stroke.  

In my heart and mind I heard Jesus say from Day One, “I am the All-Sufficient One”.  I recalled the words of the disciples who said, “Lord, to whom shall we go?  You, alone have the words of eternal life.”  John 6:68  

Now on Day 32, I have not waivered and Jesus has not changed, and Ethan is nearly whole again!

 I am grateful to our gracious Risen Lord who is the Healer, Sustainer, and Lover of Our Souls. His hand has been upon Ethan and his doctors and therapists.  His extraordinary love has brought miraculous recovery to Ethan.  That same extraordinary love brings healing and hope to each of us for our individual journey, no matter what.

 God is Faithful.  He is Sufficient.  He goes before us and hems us in on all sides.  He gives strength for the journey, and great hope for tomorrow.  Most of all, He promises eternal life to those who trust in Jesus as Savior and Lord.

This Holy Week, I hope we will all take time to remember how great was the love of Our Savior Jesus Christ, who though sinless and divine, gave Himself as the ransom for all mankind. 

Upon Calvary He laid down His life as the payment for our sin debt.  He died a horrible and torturous death on a cross so that we could receive forgiveness of all our sin, healing for all our illnesses, and gain access to all that the Kingdom of God promises. 

It is the heart of faith that can grasp this mystery. It is available to all who choose to believe.

This Easter, as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, and our New Life that only the Holy One of Israel could provide, we are rejoicing in the re-birth of our son Ethan, and the graces and blessings of God that renew us each and every day until the day we meet Him face to face.   I pray you will be blessed in a new and vibrant way this Easter.

I was going through some papers on my desk that have piled up recently.  Look what I discovered….a scribbled inspiration that came to me many weeks ago before Ethan’s stroke…..

Hope meets resistance

Faith replaces doubt

Courage accepts the challenge

Trust produces victory!

Amen.  He is worthy of our praise. Thank you, Jesus!



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