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J.O.Y. or Jitters

Posted by Lorraine Serra on January 4, 2013 at 9:55 AM

Yesterday was quite a double whammy for us, and a double whammy for two friends.

These events solidified for me the value of J.O.Y. that I wrote about last time;  Jesus Occupies You.

When life throws you a curve ball…remind yourself, and practice the truth that: Jesus Occupies You.  He is your defense, your comfort, and your supply.

You see, it was just revealed to us that both of our cars need some major repairs in order to pass inspection and keep us in safety on the road.  Wham!  Wham again!  Possible response:  Oh, no! What shall we do?  How can we afford this?  Shall we take on the expense of a new car?  Should we fix one and live with only one car?

Anybody who has enjoyed “nursing” old cars along has encountered these questions.   Though a bit annoyed that big costs and decisions face us, I am consciously repeating: Jesus Occupies You….I am confident that my Savior knows what we need and He will supply it in His time.  He has done so countless times in the past as we have trusted in Him.

To some people, believers and skeptics, this may sound ridiculous.  That’s ok.   Faith is confirmed by experience.  I will look forward to reporting back on how the Lord resolved our problems.  If you glance over this blog you will find numerous testimonies of My Great God at work in our lives for His glory! Halleluia!  Amen!

Then last night, I happened to make one phone call to touch base with someone.  Turned out to be a divine appointment!  That call was later followed by a text from a different friend requesting prayer.   Both friends revealed feelings of fear and anxiety, a crushed spirit and a broken heart.  Both are dealing with that big TIME ISSUE that can hit us hard at the beginning of a New Year when we stop to reflect and measure our sense of accomplishments and failures, where we have been, and where are we going next.

Fear and anxiety are tools of the Enemy.   Sometimes, though, in our moments of weakness we forget! We must reject the feelings and hold fast to the facts.   We are deeply loved by God, and because we are in Christ, clothed in His righteousness, we are the beloved children of God. We are never alone.

We are always welcome to come into the throne room of God to chat, cry, rant, rave, complain, repent and request anything and everything that’s on our hearts.  Even at 3 am!  Isn’t that a beautiful thing?   What a powerful relationship….one that is based on total love and total acceptance, no matter what we are feeling or doing or regretting or planning.  We can choose  J.O.Y. or jitters.

God is for us.  Satan distracts us.  Self can distract us even more!  In case you are evaluating yourself and coming up short, rejoice that God loves you anyway, and that He does have an awesome plan for you, if you yield to Him, and spend some time chatting with Him about it. I encourage you to read Ephesians 1 to understand how He treasures us! 

 The scripture says we are His workmanship, and we are His workmen, and He has prepared in advance specific assignments in our lives. He does have a marvelous plan, so we would be better off yielding to it rather than building our own.  Our job is to develop all the talents, capabilities, spiritual assets, skills, gifts and yearnings He has placed in us to bring Him praise and honor.  Study to find yourselves approved! 2 Timothy 2:15

Then, when you least expect it, He will make it clear what your next step should be, or who that next acquaintance will become, and you will be ready and able to utilize all those gifts for His glory and be a testimony of His amazing love and favor in your life.

The best part is the overwhelming joy of knowing God works through you to fulfill His plan and purpose.  Blessing abounds.    Fear not!  Choose  J.O.Y.

I appreciate your comments, contributions and testimonies you wish to add!  You may also be encouraged by a post from last December called  Time Out With Jesus.



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