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Posted by Lorraine Serra on February 21, 2013 at 9:00 AM

“How deep the Father’s love for us, so vast beyond all measure, That He should give His only Son to make a wretch His treasure.”  Did you enjoy that hymn I shared last time?  

I don’t feel particularly shiny, sparkly and "treasure-like" every day, do you?   Some days, I just feel tired before I even get out of bed.  That translates into a real effort to have a productive day and a sweet temperament.  

 But, the truth of that song and its message, speaks to how God the Father sees us every day.   How precious we are to Him ….and how blessed we are when we believe Him and give Him control over lives.

My husband sees me as his precious treasure all the time.  Really, I’m not kidding.   He is so loving and compassionate, even when I don’t deserve it.   It is amazing that he can always say such nice things, and act so tenderly towards me, even when I am grumpy and difficult.  He really lives out his marriage covenant vows and believe me, it requires some sacrifice…I ain’t that easy to live with!  He truly is a picture of God’s love for me, and it makes me so grateful.   

It makes sense then, that Jesus would use marriage as the example of our relationship with Him.  Believers are called the  ”Bride of Christ”, and this is a perfect union….. because Jesus is the perfect one in it, not us!   Everyone is invited into this, woman, child, single, divorced, married. 

We all realize that even as sweet as our human relationships can be, there can be experiences where our love and commitment will run a-ground and be tested from time to time.  We all hit a rough patch now and then.

But, God’s love for us is forever, perfect and constant.   He is always waiting with open arms.  Come!  There is no condemnation in the eyes of Jesus.  Aren't you glad?

Mere words cannot adequately describe the immense and lavish love the Father has for us.  Poets, scholars, hymn writers and scripture writers have used every metaphor conceivable to attempt to capture in human terms what is so absolutely beyond human.  It is divine.  It is holy.  It is wonderful.   

I know I sometimes let my husband down.  I am guilty of being more self- absorbed or focused on the needs of our children, or friends, or work, or a whole variety of other “good” things, when I should make him my priority. 

The Bride of Christ, the church, is called to honor the King, Jesus Christ, even above all else.   Our priority is to be our relationship with the King Who gave Himself as the sacrifice to purchase our freedom, forgiveness, healing and the promise of eternal life.

Dear reader, if you never really grasped the whole "cross thing", and don't see where God is in your life based on your current situation, I hope you will come back next time to explore a bit more of why we need Jesus and why He had to die on that cross.   It is all for love, a holy, uncommon, perfect love.

For today, prepare yourself to open up without reservation.   If you've been along on this "Journey to Victory" with me, then continue to meditate upon and speak out loud to your heart and your spirit:  JESUS loves me. Jesus LOVES me.  Jesus loves ME.    More than a spouse, more than the best parent, more than anyone in this world.  

"God loved the world so much that He gave His one and only beloved son, Jesus Christ, so that whoever should believe everything about Him would not die, but have eternal life. "   This is from the Gospel of John, Chapter 3, Verse 16  (John 3:16)  

His arms are wide open.  I pray we are all rushing in to know more of His matchless love.



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