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Blessings Through Pain?

Posted by Lorraine Serra on September 19, 2013 at 3:30 PM

Sometimes the hurts of life and the painful experiences are what you need to bring you to the end of your own stubborn self and to the feet of Jesus. 

When you are at the end of your own proverbial rope, or your back is against the wall, in whatever way you want to say it, when you find you have nowhere to look but up, may I say to you, that’s the best place to be.  Let me explain…

Oh, we have all had our share of pain and disappointment.  No one is immune.  In fact, the Bible says God sends the rain upon the just and the unjust, so everyone gets blessings and trouble.

So, what do we do in the middle of those times of trouble and pain?  It can be difficult to have an undivided heart.  So often people want to blame God for the turmoil, or accuse Him of somehow stepping out of the situation.  Life can certainly turn us upside down and leave us asking the great big question, “WHY?”

Do we blame God for the stuff of this frail and fleeting life, or seek Him to know that we belong to Him and we can trust His plan, even if we don’t understand it at this moment?

How often I have asked God why my mom had to suffer bi-polar disorder which wreaked seasons of absolute hell in our family.  Why did my friend get hit by a car and die in 2nd grade?  Why did my other friend commit suicide at age 12 by jumping off a bridge?  Why did my best friend in those pre-teen years turn her back on me when I told her I loved her? 

  Where were you God, when my sister was skipping school and my other sisters were questioning their sexuality, and I was leading a double life between church and the rock and roll world?  Why did my other sister get cancer, and my dad suffer a massive stroke so young?

Why did my aunt commit suicide and what was it in my mom’s family that cultivated so much fear, anger, depression and even suicide? 

Why did my good friend, Kevin, have to get AIDS and die….why?  

Sometimes, I thank God that I don’t know the answers to these questions.  But, when it gets really close to home, you gotta wonder, right?  

So, why am I ranting about this stuff today?  Well, as I’m sure some of you know, sometimes the sadness and grief of the past hits hard and suddenly.   Like when a news story strikes a chord in my heart and reminds me of a loss;   or when a major calamity hits the world, a massive flood, or terrorist attack or a senseless shooting. 

When a friend is in need, or a great injustice is the works, or someone I love is dying, I am reminded, that this frail and fleeting life is so temporary.

When my heart is aching and circumstances are harsh and unfair, God knows.... He’s still there.  He does see and He cares.  “I have surely seen the affliction of my people….and have heard their cry.” Exodus 3:7 "I will be with you always even til the end of the world."  Matthew 28:20

It’s at these times, and even every single day, that I am reminded that the problem of evil, and sickness, and violence in the world will be overcome by good.  IN FACT, IT IS in countless ways every day.  Have you seen God at work today?  Have you seen His mercies in your life?

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God who created all things, and knows all things, and sees way beyond from before time to time eternal, has it all under control.   I don’t need to understand it all.  I know there are some people who disagree and call me an idiot, or say it's a cop-out to surrender my lack of understanding.

I say, the finite being will never understand the Infinite.  Bless the Lord.  Fear and honor His Holy Name.

For today, I give thanks and trust that the Lord is good all the time.  The Bible tells me God is LOVE.  LOVE has known me.  LOVE was thinking about me and had me on His heart before I was even conceived.  What an incredible thought.  

His goodness and kindness will follow me all the days of my life.  When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I won’t fear any evil, for He is there comforting me, teaching me, molding me, preparing me.  In time I will better understand. 

So I will sing of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness forever, and cherish HIs comfort and mercy and instruction at all times.  I am forever grateful that Jesus has given me access to a deeply personal relationship with my Heavenly Father.

And in His time, His goodness will reign forever over all the earth.   For now, His goodness alive in me through His Spirit, will keep me close in the care of the eternal God who loves me.  Do you know Him yet?

You know, I was thinking about ways we receive encouragement:  

         Someone can touch my shoulder and communicate something very real to my body, or they can speak words to my ears and affect my feelings.

                   But only God’s Word communicates directly to my spirit; my inner man.  The real me inside, receives His wisdom, assurance and peace.  It is His gift to those who believe and accept the gift.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your heart.” Psalm 95

Sometimes the blessings come through tears, trials and brokenness.  These trials are momentary… and they remind us that we are only passing through, bound for an eternal home.

Laura Story said it so well in her song “Blessings”.   I hated this song at first.  I refused to buy into its message.  It made me angry, because it just didn't make sense to me at first.

But, it’s crazy how true it really is, and how much better it is to rest in Jesus.   I thank God that He gifted her with this song for all the world to hear. BE SURE to hit the link under the video where she tells of the inspiration behind the song!  

So, with this prelude I prepare the way for some hard things I want to share with you next time.  God bless you overwhelmingly today, friend!

I'd love to hear your thoughts.  Please feel free to comment below.

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