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A Unique Love

Posted by Lorraine Serra on May 17, 2010 at 6:54 AM

I served as a guest worship leader yesterday and heard a wonderful sermon from

a guest minister.  He based it on John 17:20 "Those who love me will keep my word, and my Father will love them, and we will come to them and make our home with them."


That, in itself, is a beautiful be at home in the Father's love wherever you are.  Rev. Don illustrated the uniqueness of who we are and the unique way in which God loves everybody.  First, we are all aware of the fact that our fingerprints are unique, one of a kind, as well as our DNA, and our retinas.  WOW!  Three parts of each individual on the planet earth, which are completely unique identifiers, setting each apart from the other millions.   That is an astounding fact.


Then he mentioned one I've never heard before.  Research has shown that our skulls are also unique in the shape of the nasal sinus cavities.   Mmmmm.   Does that explain why women have a stronger sense of smell? 


At any rate, for all the uniqueness and variety which God has created amongst us, He has called us to love one another in unity.  He obviously does not want Christian clones, or as he put it, a "Franchise Faith" where we all move at the same pace and rhythm and stride.   No.  Those 12 disciples were as different as can be, not experts or scholars, but they loved Jesus, and He prayed for them, that empowered by His Holy Spirit, and the fire of love in their hearts, their witness would impact the world for generations until the end of time.   They succeeded.


Jesus focused his love on individuals and extremely diverse populatons:  Romans, Jews, outcasts, prostitutes, tax collectors, the commoner and the prince.   How could He expect unity in love from such differences?  What would bring everyone together in a new oneness, certainly not a unity of culture or prayers, liturgies or ideals. 


That which  creates hearts of love is the experience of truth:  the incredible sacrificial love of Christ for each one.  A divine gift which, when shared and nourished, multiplies with no shortage.   Think about it within the context of  family.


A child is born and the love is huge for this child, poured out, overflowing all the time.  You don't save up some love for a rainy day.   When a second child is born, there is no shortage of love....there is even more and more than enough to over abound.   Love is never rationed.  It cannot be overspent or  overdrawn.    It is inexhaustible.


So, like the example of manna in the desert given for the Isrealites, use it all up, in full everyday.   Don't hoard it or it will rot.  The more you use it, the more it grows. 


This unique multiplication quality of love is not for use as a wishy washy love principle to make doormats of some though.  No, there is a definite goal God had in mind when He designed this unique identifier :  They will know we are Christ-followers by our love....The Holy Spirit creates out of us the living Body of Christ in each generation.


What unique love can you offer your Unique Lover today?



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