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These Present Sufferings

Posted by Lorraine Serra on May 25, 2010 at 8:50 AM

Sometimes life is just so not fair!  I rekindled 2 friendships on facebook this morning.

The first brought  back memories of childhood.  She was a friend from school who lived down the street.  Her older sister and I were in the same class and she was a pal to my younger sister.


So, there we were, all hanging out together through the formative years, grade school into high school where time and moving parted us.  Well, I should say, distanced us, for we will never be parted emotionally.  What wasn't fair was how my sister died of cancer at the age of 35, leaving two small kids, age 5 and 8.   What wasn't fair was that she was snatched away all to soon by a ravaging disease that shows no preference, and sometimes, cannot be cured.  What wasn't fair was that these babies had to grow up without a mother, and this husband was left to pick up the pieces.   Too many people were left shaken by this untimely turn of events.  Now, 17 years later, recovery and healing continues, those babes are adults finding their own way, and that husband found love again.    My sister has been made whole and knows joy abounding in the presence of her Lord Jesus Christ.


My other friend today shared great news of blessings in her family's life, in spite of a terriblly unfair turn of events about 4 years ago.  Her mom and the entire family had become a part of us and a whole community, when a sudden, painful and seemingly underhanded job termination changed everything.  What was unfair was that a loving and continually selfless individual was snatched away from the community she served. What was unfair was that so many people felt betrayed and smeared along with her.


In both cases, God has taken what Satan meant for evil and turned it to good.

I was meditating on Rom 8:18 and have proof in these brief stories, and in countless others, to rejoice in the knowledge that these present sufferings are nothing compared to the future glory prepared for those who love the Lord.    These good reports are just a glimmer of the awesome power of God to heal and restore.


Press on...whatever your trial.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.

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