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A Plan and A Promise

Posted by Lorraine Serra on December 4, 2013 at 9:25 AM

I left Jill’s apartment that day with a new sense of hope. My outward circumstance had not changed, but inside, everything was changing. Have you ever read a great article or heard a wonderful speaker and come away fired up? New ideas, possibilities, plans you want to set in motion?

I didn’t know how things would play out, but I was filled with such comfort that Jesus was in charge of my life now, and with Him, all things are possible if we believe.

I went home and spent the next two weeks in silence, to the best of my ability. Do you know how hard it is to keep your mouth shut? Especially if you are a woman? Hah! Though I could not, and would not speak, John could see in my eyes a change had occurred. My heart had been lifted. I was definitely a new creation.  I had a new sense of hope and expectation, wrapped in comfort and peace.

I attended a prayer group of charismatic prayer warriors at my church.   I had known most of them all my life, casually, socially within the church.  Even though they always seemed to joyful, and frequently said, "Praise the Lord!",   I had always thought they were a little weird, on the fringe extremists. I wasn’t sure they were for real at all.  

But, not anymore. They prayed over me with such love and such power, that I felt like I had been showered with invigorating menthol and eucalyptus, all tingly and warm. It wasn't just an emotional response, it was physical.   There really was something to this Holy Spirit thing.   I guess it is true that you can't judge a book by its cover!

Today, I still get that feeling when I pray alone or with others.   When it happens, I know it is the Holy Spirit’s power at work.  What an awesome experience.  God is with us!

For the next two weeks, I  spent all my free time reading the Bible that Jill had given me.  It was total  immersion!   Man!  What a treasure!  I had never read it for myself. Though I had grown up in church and heard many Gospel accounts and other parts of both Old and New Testaments, there was something extraordinary in reading the words personally and prayerfully. My heart was overwhelmed with the love of God and His very real presence.  

The promises of God are so numerous!   I didn't need to know the future.  God already has it covered.

The day came when I had completed my three weeks of silence and returned to be examined by the specialist. I was afraid. I stressed out about what I might hear. All the questions I had put aside these past weeks to just rest in God’s love started racing up front and center all over again.

What if….? Then what…..?

I started praying, Lord, I know I am in your mighty hand.  I believe You have a perfect plan for my life.  You have loved me with an everlasting love. I thank you for loving me so much and I trust you. I love you. Help me to accept whatever is to come.  With Your help, I know everything will be all right.  Amen.  

With that,  I arrived at the doctor's office and entered the examining room....

Precious Lord!   What a comfort it is to know that You hold the future in Your hands.  I know that You have the plan, and I need to just trust You.  Thank you that you are already know the end from the beginning, and have promised each believer a glorious new beginning with You forever. Amen.


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