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A New Life

Posted by Lorraine Serra on February 25, 2014 at 9:30 AM

**My sincere apologies for the long absence. A condition called ”Wry Neck” sidelined me for two months making movement extremely painful. God is good and I am getting back to “normal”.

So, let me conclude my testimony for you. 


The examining room was clean, cold, and stark, of course. This was no bed and breakfast and I was certainly not feeling super comfortable about the whole thing. I sat on the table and waited for the doctor to arrive, thinking all the while that the curtain was about to come down on my singing career forever. I had my chance and I had completely wrecked it. I still couldn’t even imagine what I would do with the rest of my life if I couldn’t even speak, let alone sing!

From the depths of my heart I cried out to God to give me strength and help to accept whatever was to be. Isn’t it so hard to wait and wonder? Especially if you are a control freak like me. I had decided to put my trust in Jesus and He certainly gave me such comfort and assurance that He had a good plan for me.

Still, could I truly trust Him and accept a new reality that might mean no singing and a permanently damaged, hoarse voice? Could that possibly be God’s plan for me? Could I ever survive?

The doctor entered the room and greeted me, jogging me out of my secret thoughts. He looked over my chart and then proceeded to scope my throat and have a look at my vocal cords. It had been 3 weeks since my first examination.

He stepped back. He looked a bit puzzled. He consulted the chart once again, and then looked into my throat again. He stepped back, looked at the chart, and then looked straight into my eyes and said with amazement,

“I can’t explain this, and I don’t understand it, but, your vocal cords look perfectly healthy and normal to me!”

I was stunned. I nearly fell off the table! Did I hear him correctly? How could this be? But, I thought I’d be looking at surgery….

And then I recalled something that Jesus said to his disciples in a time of great fear and turmoil. He said, “O you of little faith!” That was so true for me. My faith was brand new! What did I know about trusting Jesus? And yet, God had moved in my life. God was gracious to me. My voice was healed!

Did I receive a miracle?    I think I did!   But, the greatest miracle was coming to know that God loves me. The real miracle was learning that Jesus truly is a Savior who has loved me even when I was most unlovable. When I was so driven, obsessed, selfish, ignoring my husband and doing things my way….Jesus was still loving me and waiting for the day when my circumstances and the mess I had created, would bring me to the end of myself, broken, desperate, seeking a remedy, a rescue, a fresh start…..a miracle.

It was at my lowest point that I had finally surrendered control and allowed my friend, Jill, to speak truth and hope into my life. I had received what I needed most…the assurance that the Great God, my Creator, really sees me and cares for me, and desires a deep and eternal relationship with me. He has a plan to work things out for my good, even when things look bleak.    Wow!

Sometimes your back has to be against the wall where there’s nowhere to turn but to Jesus! Sometimes you just have to be so far down in the pit that there is nowhere to look but up!

Looking back, it’s so interesting to observe  how God works in each life.  Not everyone needs a dramatic life event to finally come to Jesus. I guess for the most stubborn, independent, self-reliant ego maniacs like myself, God allows our pride to eventually break us.

But, no matter how we get to that place of brokenness, everyone must come to a place of recognizing the need for a Savior. Broken is not a bad thing…it is the attitude of humility which opens our eyes to see the power and glory of God.

I have been forever grateful that the Lord Jesus Christ used a desperate time in my life to bring me into a life changing relationship with Him.  It was soon after this healing that He opened doors for me to work in the entertainment business, doing what I was gifted to do!

For twenty years I enjoyed doing studio sessions, singing in nightclubs and with a Big Band orchestra. I enjoyed working with songwriters and producers and even did an exciting tour in Europe as a backup singer for a French rock star! And I continued leading worship at our church with a great group of friends and fed on God's Word.

God had a plan to bless me all along. It wasn’t my plan, but it was a good plan. I am convinced that He was protecting me from myself. I am certain that He didn’t open any doors to my career until He knew my heart belonged to Jesus.

Have you met the Savior yet? Are you spinning your wheels, frustrated by life and circumstances? Perhaps you, like me, are just getting in your own way. Let the Lord open new doors for you, doors of satisfaction, healing, and fulfillment as you follow His lead and make Him your Savior, Lord and Guide.

This was my testimony….God writing the story of my life in Him.   Are you ready to let Him begin writing yours? I urge you to download this free ebook to help you understand more and get started.

Every day I will bless Your name, O Lord, for You are my refuge, my shield and protector. You have set a path before me and have promised to walk with me every step of the way. I walk in confidence as You reveal Your plan for my life. Your love is amazing, and I find my rest in You. Thank you, Jesus for providing my forgiveness and new life. Amen. Halleluia!


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