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Living the Gospel...Really?

Posted by Lorraine Serra on May 9, 2014 at 10:35 AM

"The problem with hearing the Gospel is

The perceived impossibility of living the Gospel:

'Love God, love others as yourself ' can only

Be accomplished when we embrace the

The sacrificial element of love….

When we lay down our lives as Jesus did,

We make room for His Spirit to empower us

To live and love more effectively than we

Could have imagined."  L. Serra

This is how I started my posts on FaceBook page

concerning "Sacrifice", on April 30th.

It began as I considered all the struggling

people I have been praying for:

health and marriage issues, unemployment

issues, depression, addictions, political and 

global situations of crisis.....

I asked the Lord, "Why so much trouble?  Why is

the Enemy apparently winning?  So many

Christians are living in defeat ?"

And, I was impressed by the word,


What do you think Jesus is saying?

In all the struggles of the human heart,

is it possible we are so consumed with

what we want,

what we can gain, 

the "What's in it for me?" syndrome,

or with the "Life isn't fair!"  attitude,

or the "I deserve better than this!" position, 

that we have silenced the words of Jesus?

What did He mean when He said, 

"If anyone would follow Me, He must

deny himself and take up his cross."


 In our modern world, that's

the last thing on our minds....we

want comfort, convenience, immediate


I think we've been groomed for this over

the last 4 decades of technological breakthroughs

and fast food!   

So, I will be sharing my gleanings from scripture

as I study about sacrifice.   There are many meanings.

Can we line this all up with God's purpose for

our lives?  Can we experience more of

the abundant life of Christ through sacrifice?

What kind of sacrifice exactly?

Pray with me, and for me won't you please?

I am keeping in touch on the Facebook page, so

stop by and please "Like" and "share" that

the world may know life in Jesus Christ!

Love and prayers of blessing for you today!


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