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Healing In His Wings, Part 6 and a little [email protected]!

Posted by Lorraine Serra on July 13, 2010 at 12:44 PM

Just had to share a bit more MEDITATION ON  Chapter 2 before we go on.


We left Chapter 2 of Malachi seemingly holding on to whole bucket full of dung. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Moses and Aaron and Joshua, this God who created the heavens and the earth, who poured all goodness and possibility into His precious people whom He called His children, the “Children of Israel”, has repeatedly given them every good thing, worked miracles to redeem them out of seasons of harsh correction during captivity, upheld His covenant to make them a great nation, loved them despite their rebellion, and yet, once more, He must confront apathy, insincerity, disobedience, idolatry and infidelity.


It is a wonder that we have Malachi, this final prophet in a long line of prophets, serving as a mouthpiece for the Sovereign God Most High at all!     Such patience and forbearance with this hard-hearted and stubborn people can only be possible streaming forth from a Divine Love that is far beyond our human comprehension.


 You and I would have thrown in the towel by now, don’t you think? We might have pronounced this a hopeless situation.


Throughout their history, with each season of rebellion came an episode of chastening, as if God was saying to His wayward children, “You’re grounded!” They were held captive in foreign lands, in Egypt and Babylon; they suffered great losses in battles with Assyria, and under the reign of bad kings.


Yet, God remained faithful to His covenant and brought restoration to His people again and again, just as any loving parent would restore freedom and privileges to his children in hopes they have learned the value of obedience and respect.  Forget not the reason a good parent would administer this punishment....for training, wisdom and for the child's own protection.


For my own part, I must confess that I have been through seasons in my life where I leaned upon my own understanding, strengths and resources in situations, rather than seeking to delight my God.   I can sit in judgment over the Hebrews, or I can see myself in their story.   How easy it is to rationalize our desires and ambitions with the attitude “God knows my intentions are good.  He knows my heart."    How often I have tried to justify my means by adopting the belief that God will bring good out anything I choose to do.  And then, wearing blinders, I go off and do what I know I should not.


Could this human weakness and propensity towards self-deception be responsible for Israel’s practice of divorce, insincere worship and flat out idolatrous behavior?


Perhaps. Yet, God who surely knows men’s hearts, has not left us ignorant. He has set clear guidelines to insure we can avoid that bucketful of dung:


~~The 10 Commandments and,  from Jesus, The Golden Rule (love God, love others as yourself).    The choice is up to each of us.


Praise God for the gift of forgiveness and restoration through Jesus Christ His Son!


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Reply Lorraine Serra
8:27 AM on July 14, 2010 
Thanks for sharing your heart, Val. We all face the challenge of "growing up" no matter how old we are. Good picture of our own "blemished" gifts.
I praise God for bringing healing and strength to you and your husband .

We all were like sheep gone astray, desperate for our Shepherd. Praise God He found us!! I'm grateful for His clean-up system, too!! Oh, that we all would be still before our Shepherd and listen to His voice!! God bless, Val. Luv ya!
Reply Val
7:11 AM on July 14, 2010 
It amazes me, and angers me, how much of a CHILD I continue to be! Yes I am 34 and yes I have been saved for many years, yet I still act as a child does. This behavior (it seems to me) is exactly what is being spoken of in Malachi.

I look at my children and see myself. My son, Taylor, put on his spider man costume and proceeded to try and scale the wall. This was something he had done before and had been corrected/scolded. Just like the last time, he took down the mantle that was hanging on the wall and all of my pictures and glassware came crashing to the ground! Why did he not listen?

As I looked at him, I saw his astonishment at what had just transpired in front of him and I saw myself. I "act out" or "move forward" in my life, in pursuit of what I want to do without taking the time to consider my actions and what the Lord would have me do. AND all of Gods work or blessings come crashing to the ground. In His grace and love for me, he bends down and lovingly helps me pick up the mess I made and puts me on the right course again. Only, I fail yet again.

This was the picture of the Hebrews. "What?" they may have thought. We offered a sacrifice... It wasn't the best but they thought they needed the other, better animal for themselves. We, as christians do the same things... Don't we?

We take to the church yard sale the things that we have that are blemished or put just enough in the offering plate so that we still have enough to satisfy our needs....

When will I get it? When will I "grow up"? I honestly don't think I will, at least not completely, before my death or the return of Christ. But, this is not a reason to give up! It is a reason to try harder and rest in God's grace. Most days I really need that GRACE, even an extra helping or two!

One final thought... God notes in Machi 2:16 "I hate divorce" Is there any wonder? My family is a product of this and time does not allow me to go into full detail right now but...

There are NO WINNERS in divorce! For this reason, marriage should be taken very seriously before that covenant is made. In both my husband and my previous marriages, we knew that our marriages were not equally yoked and were destined for failure but we got married anyway. We felt trapped or like me needed to settle. We have now suffered through years of abusive marriages, divorce, recoil from those divorces, and (most importantly) our children have suffered. God's grace is sufficient but he hates to see us suffer.

As in all things, divorce included, God wants what is best for us. Just like we want what is best for our children. We must take time to go to Him and heed his advice before scaling any walls. Yes he will help clean up our mess but what he really wants is to rejoice with us when we get it right.

I pray that we would take a moment, myself included, to go to our Heavenly Father and ask his guidance. That we would take time out of the busy lives we have made for ourselves to ask for his guidance. Thank him for the messes he has helped clean up and seek direction. Then, here comes the hard part (at least for me) HEED HIS WARNINGS AND ADVICE! He answers us, if only we would seek to hear him....