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"I" Is For "Impact"

Posted by Lorraine Serra on December 10, 2014 at 9:35 AM

" Remember, those who have spoken God’s word to you. Think about the impact of their lives, and imitate their faith. Jesus, the Messiah, is the same yesterday and today—and forever!"  Hebrews 13: 6-8  

Consider the impact or influence of people and events throughout the history of the world, both evil and good. Consider what impact or influence you have in your world. Will it be for evil or for good, death or life?

Either can have a far reaching effect.

I recall the account of Esther, a simple Jewish girl who became the Queen of Persia that she might be the voice to save her people from destruction. An unlikely heroine born for "such a time as this." The account is full of intrigue, deception, and conspiracy and tells how the impact of one godly woman changed the course of history.

Her story  is an example of rescue as she was the catalyst to save the Jewish nation from annihilation.  Nearly 500 years later, the One and Only Savior of the World, Jesus Christ, God the Son, was born in Bethlehem. The Holy God took on human flesh. God became man, lived a pure and holy life, and taught us that He is the "Way, the Truth and the Life".

Jesus'  birth, life, death and resurrection made an impact that continues to save and set people free; free to become a new creation in the hands of a loving, mighty Savior.

What impact can we also make when we offer this gift of forgiveness and new life to one who is burdened by fear, doubt or shame?    Shall we live in defeat, or receive the royal position we are given by Holy God as His precious children whom He loves, guides and provides for?

The many hurts of life can be healed when we share the life changing message of God's love to another at "such a time as this."    

Precious Lord Jesus, thank you for bringing us life by sacrificing your own as a ransom to set us free from our own failures!   This Advent Season,  help us to follow your example of love and service, and use us to reach others with the hope and healing only you can give. Amen!  

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