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Discovering the Highest and the Best: Roots in Faith

Posted by Lorraine Serra on February 12, 2015 at 10:55 AM

Looking once again at Joshua 24

we can learn so much from this

godly leader about refocusing

our loyalty and faithfulness upon

God, Our Lord and King.

It is deliberate. It is a choice.

It takes a concerted effort because

our lives are so distracting and

we get so self-absorbed.

Last time, we observed

that Joshua was brilliant

in bringing the people back to their

roots, not only recounting the Lord's awesome

actions on their behalf throughout

the history of their nation, but in the

very place where Abraham had received

the covenant promises of God!

Now, there's a strategy for ya! Talk

about some "roots", talk about the effect of "place".

This resulted in humility, thanks and

praise because they remembered, they stirred up their faith

based on the evidence of God's faithful presence with them.

Though this passage

doesn't mention it, the Ark of the

Covenant most likely

stood in their midst, central to

the assembly, along with the

priests who attended it.

The ark was a tangible, visible,

reminder of God's presence among

the people.  It produced such awe and

wonder and humility that

people wept and bowed down in

worship and adoration.

God's presence was holy and powerful;

no one could touch the ark, or die.

For us today, we have the most

authentic and meaningful expression

of God's presence possible: the

Cross of Christ!

 * Symbol of power, God's

    physical presence in His Son, Jesus, His

    victory over sin, death, evil.

 * Promise of absolute love, forgiveness,

   and acceptance into the family of God.

 * Precursor to Christ's Resurrection, the demonstration

      of God's power, and the guarantee

   of new life in Christ, and eternal life with

   Him forever.

 * Resulting in the Holy Spirit of God living

    within us, guiding and directing, encouraging

    and teaching us, always with us!

This is amazing grace! This is the Gospel!  

This is the free gift we choose to accept by faith! 

This inspires awe, humility

and worship in the heart of every precious we

are to God, even in our brokenness, faithlessness and fear!

If you feel lukewarm about

it, then read over your list of God's faithfulness

that I wrote about last time. Consider His

hand in your life. Read the Gospel again...

In humility and gratitude meditate on what

God's great love for you truly means.

Grab hold of it with both hands, and think

about it all day so your faith is unstoppable for

everything you are dealing with in your life right now!

Then, strengthened in this love and forgiveness,

and the many promises of God, prepare to receive

all you need through faith in His everlasting Word.

Our Lord, our Commander, wants to teach us to

stand strong and know, for certain, He is

our Lord and King!  The time is short.  The King is coming soon!

NEXT TIME: How can I know He is Lord of my life?

Precious Father, Holy Lord, I am again overwhelmed

with Your presence. To think this is only the smallest

glimpse of all you want me to know of You! Hold me

close as I seek You with all my heart. Amen!


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