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Obedience: Though We May Fail

Posted by Lorraine Serra on March 11, 2015 at 12:45 AM

Many of us memorize and quote certain scriptures because of the

immense hope and promise they contain. 

These truths make possible the release of our past

and the fresh start of our future, daily! Some are more

popular than others. 

Today I want to challenge all of us to go truly

beyond the surface to discover God's highest and

best for us.  But, first.... Do we even really want to?

Do we believe Him, know Him, and trust Him? 

How authentic is our relationship with Jesus? 

Does it really matter in your life and mine?

The reason I ask is because Jesus calls us to

share the Good News.  But, we cannot share what

we do not know,  and what we do not truly believe.

We are not likely to be attracting

others to Christ if we are not living the "abundant life" ourselves.

Sometimes it seems to me that we all talk a good game,

but we sure can fall short in living it out, more often than not.

Do you agree?  Please post your comments on my Facebook page!

I feel that for all of us it is time to grow up, more each day, and to

continue growing always in order to become

more effective Christ-followers in the world,

with the help of the Holy Spirit.

 To be sold out for Jesus,

living beyond ourselves and powered by His Spirit means

we should be fearless and confident, not prone to failure.

Where are we lacking, and why?

I believe Jesus wants us to be on a truth quest, 

not a happiness quest!  The difference is huge! 

Do we thrive or just survive in this life?   If we don't

like the answer to this question, then perhaps it is

time to ask this one. 

How can we shake off what doesn't bring value and dignity

and worth into our lives and relationships, as

God has designed for us?  We need to find out because that

is the abundant life of God!  Relationship with Him and others.

Let's take a look at scripture, the Living Word of God! 

It is crucial that we consider the reciprocal nature of

God's Word, for ourselves and for others who need the Lord!! 

We do our part, and He does His. He offers, we choose.

Our part involves making the choice and then

following it up with obedience. 

Look at these favorites:

“If the Son sets you

free, you are free indeed”, John 8:36

“You will know the truth and the truth

will set you free” John 8:32

"Because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit

who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death. Romans 8:2  

In just these three powerful scriptures there are

three choices that are entirely up to us:

Know the Son, Know the Truth, and Know the Spirit.  

This is the requirement.   This is the free will choice we

must make if we are to experience God's highest

and best for our lives.


It is a choice of FREEDOM vs FAILURE.

You might think I should say Freedom vs Bondage.

Sure, that is the likely comparison.

But, here is what the Lord is showing me.

This is a battle for outcomes.  What is the outcome you seek?

I would like to suggest that failure is

the product of bondage (sin, disobedience, pride)

while freedom is the product of obedience (submission, Spirit controlled life)

We can know about the Son, about the truth, and we

can choose to "do" faith once or twice a week at church.

If we choose not to go deeper, and practice the essential presence

of God Almighty, we gain nothing. We are play-acting.

We miss the highest and the best that He has for us.

The primary path to authenticity is that we truly know Jesus. 

I would suggest that if we truly know Jesus, and submit to Him,

then we would not fall into the bondage that produces failure so often!

Practicing the presence of God is incredibly powerful!  Awareness

redirects our focus, and subsequently our behavior and choices.

Jesus is ever present. He is ever praying for us at the right

hand of the Father. Romans 8:34

Think about that next time you are about to lose

your temper, or you think about adultery, or

you get ready to abuse your health.....

Hey, we all face similar struggles...yet, Jesus is

always with us. Though we may fail, we

have our High Priest at the ready to give us

strength not to fail!!

Did we remember to ask?

When we fail to show kindness, self control, obedience

and ignore God's voice inside, we should be

just plain broken hearted!   Why?

Because sin is serious business. Christ died to

free us, forgive us, and provide release for us

and to enjoy the abundant life!

But, since we still have the freedom to choose,

we can most certainly say,

“Thanks, Jesus. I sure appreciate your love and grace.

And I know your grace is always available. So,

I am gonna stray a bit right now, but,

I'll be back! And, of course, I know you'll

be there for me.

I want to throw up! How cheap I make the

great grace of God by living my life with

this attitude!

Yet, I've done it. Bet you have, too.

Shall we choose to grow up? 

If not today, then when?  

Jesus is not a liar.  He said to test Him, see if He doesn't

live up to His promises to supply our every need.  

 Let's live today with Jesus on our minds.

Make today count for eternity. Somebody is watching you. 

Somebody needs the hope that only Jesus

can give....through you, and through me.  Amen!  

Thank you, Jesus. You are more than enough for me.

 Lord, I believe, help my unbelief!  Fit me for Your service today.  Amen.

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