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A Love Story Part I - Meet the Cast

Posted by Lorraine Serra on September 5, 2015 at 12:50 AM

At first glance the Song of Solomon resembles a

play with lead characters and a chorus line. It is!

But, just who are these characters and what is the purpose

of this book within the Bible?

If you have already read through even the first

chapter of Song, I bet you have some questions, too.

I have read three commentaries written by

respected scholars and I am overwhelmed by

the depth of symbolism and connections made

to the history of the Jewish nation,

and the prophecies of the future kingdom of God

through Christ, the King of Kings.   It is no surprise, then, that the designation of  "Song of Songs" means "the most exceedingly excellent song of all".  

That being said, either the writer, King Solomon, known as the wisest man on earth, was an extraordinary narcissist, or he was overwhelmed by the Divine Inspiration that ran through his pen to the page.  

One commentator remarked, "Not even Shakespeare could author a poem of such beauty and substance."   Well, I discovered that "song of songs" is a Hebrew  idiom which characterizes something as incomparably excellent and superior to all. 

It would be equivalent to "holy of holies", meaning "most holy place" or the very presence of God himself.  In another scripture we can find  "highest heavens", referring to a place above our earthly realm.  Therefore, I think Solomon was overcome with joy and praise at what God had given to him!

Two early Christian church fathers, Origen (3rd century theologian),

and Jerome (5th century theologian), tell us that the Jews

forbade the Song to be read by any until he was thirty years old.

Why? Well, just reading it with carnal, human eyes, it is

plain to see the erotic influence it could have.   Though modern readers might mistake this for a romance novel, we are going to see that it is much more.

It certainly needs a degree of spiritual maturity to

appreciate the holy mystery of love which Solomon

sets forth. Let's discover the mystery of God's great love for us,

as He inspired Solomon to pen this beautiful song/poem.

So, we meet the Shulamite woman, the bride-to-be.

A Shulamite is a Palestinian young woman. She is presented

in this allegory as a shepherdess, a vine dresser, a midnight

inquirer, the spouse of the prince and the daughter of

the king.

Most wonderful is the meaning of the word!   I learned that

Shulamite is the feminine for Solomon. In Hebrew, it means,

“Daughter of Peace”. How interesting!

Solomon means,

“Prince of Peace.” The rich roots of the Hebrew word for "peace" in both cases,

means complete, whole, healthy, safe, harmony and undividedness.

That's not what I was thinking! How about you? It is

not just the absence of conflict or war. 

When you and I pray for peace in our homes, in our country, in our world, we now have a much broader understanding.  And that is exactly what Solomon spoke about in his Proverb 4: "Get wisdom!  Get understanding!"

The Beloved is a king in his palace, who has chosen her

to be his spouse. Now, why would a king choose an apparently

common woman to become his wife, his queen?

What would cause a king to elevate this simple girl

without royal blood to a place of honor at his side?

In ancient times, kings arranged marriages for their

sons and daughters to royalty of other lands for political reasons.

Considering just these few observations, it has

become clearer to me that there is a bigger, deeper,

more timeless and enduring story being told


She is a picture of Israel, also known as the “Daughter of Zion” and

he is a picture of Christ, “Prince of Peace”.   The Jewish rabbis explain this as the union between Jehovah God and ancient Israel.  Christians see it as Christ and the church and individuals can also see it as their personal union with their Saving God, Jesus Christ.  

It is true in all these cases, because there is One God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit,  and we are all his people, one church of believers.

Unity in love and peace.   God's desire for us.  But,  this reminds me of how Jesus wept over Jerusalem, those who rejected Him and His message of salvation.  He prayed to His Father, "Make them one, even as You and I are one."  The message of union, oneness, wholeness and harmony depicted through the marriage of the Shulamite and the King is a precious revelation of God's heart towards us.   Oh, the wisdom of God!

How exciting to dig into the scripture. We have

much to learn here that I pray will enrich our

love for God, and deepen our love and respect

for spouse, and for everyone we love.  This wisdom could change the world!  And we are in most dire need of transformation from hearts of stone to hearts of true, vibrant, God inspired love!

Until tomorrow, please read carefully the

first 4 verses and share with me any observations

or questions on my Facebook page for community


Or, email me [email protected] 

 O Lord God Almighty, How marvelous are your works indeed!  Please open our minds to appreciate the great wisdom you have shared with us through your servant, King Solomon.  Like him, we seek your face, we need your wisdom to truly experience the peace you offer to us, the peace that surpasses all understanding. Amen!


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