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Song Chapter 2: We Are Beautiful

Posted by Lorraine Serra on May 10, 2016 at 11:10 AM

Further study and prayer over the first verses of Chapter 2 reveal an even more stunning beauty and identity for believers all because of Jesus Christ.

First, like a rose of Sharon, or a lily of the valley, we are clothed with a distinct beauty and a lovely fragrance.

From Isaiah the prophet to Paul the Apostle, countless references speak of our being clothed or adorned with the righteousness of Christ. This means, that though we are sinners and often fail in our efforts or attempts to please God, yet, He has loved us completely by providing a Savior who perfectly paid our sin debt, and crushed all our sin when He took it upon Himself at the cross.

We have been forgiven, and Christ has given us a new identity, more stunningly beautiful than we could ever acquire for ourselves!  At the cross, Jesus exchanged with us His beauty and sinlessness for our weakness, failure, our sinful condition.

When we have accepted this free gift from Jesus, confessed our sinfulness and need of Him,  and asked Him to be Lord of our lives, we are clothed in His goodness, our sin is covered, concealed, blotted out, and God sees the perfection of Jesus when He looks at us.    A distinct beauty!

As we diligently follow Jesus, a lovely fragrance develops in our hearts; the aroma of Christ is what Paul calls it in 2 Corinthians 2:15. I remind myself all the time that as an ambassador of Christ, I need the Spirit of God in me to teach me and develop in me a more lovely fragrance around others for Jesus' sake in order to draw others into relationship with Him.

It is His Spirit within me that gives me self control, kindness, gentleness and more love and patience than I can muster on my own.

What a privilege to be adorned as a rose and made pure as a white lily, and fragrant with an aroma of the Spirit of God in my words and actions, all because Jesus as given me an identity as His own!

Second, in a world of cynicism, hatred, and struggles which engulf us as thorns among the lilies, we know our strength and help comes from our Beloved Lord. That banner over us, described in verse 4 has stretched as far as the east is from the west. The cross of Christ is the banner which stands alone through the ages. No greater love is there than a man lay down his life for his friend, and Jesus laid down His life when we were still sinners, before we knew Him, before we invited Him in, humbled ourselves and received His precious gift.

Are you overwhelmed, disappointed, hurting, sick or fearful?   Come to the banqueting table of Jesus who provides much at the feast: Rest for the weary and hope for the hopeless.

Come sit under the shade of the Almighty, whose sweet gifts are spread out before you: gifts of a clear conscience, peace, an everlasting hope and His presence always with you.

Eat, drink, the Bread of Heaven and the Living Water, which are available at all times in the Word of God, the Bible, and through His Spirit dwelling within us. 

What a feast!  What a Host!

Lord, thank you for inviting me to dine with You daily. I am grateful to live under the banner of your Love, the canopy of Your many blessings and graces today and always. Fill me all the more with Your Spirit, I ask, that I may know You and share Your everlasting love with fearless passion. Amen.

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