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Faith, Hope and Charity

Posted by Lorraine Serra on August 2, 2010 at 3:34 PM

Just got back from a family reunion weekend camping adventure. Even though we all could not be there all the time during all the three days,  we were all together from Friday afternoon through Saturday noon.   Swimming in the lake, playing "BananaGrams", grilling burgers over the campfire, telling silly jokes, then singing and jammin' on guitars til midnite....good stuff....makin' memories.

Ever notice that it is so hard to stay connected?  Our family lives all around the Pittsburgh area, yet the scheduling is always a challenge.   It's worth the effort, though.  Staying connected is so critical.   Making memories keeps family alive.

Speaking of staying connected, I went to the Sunday morning worship service at the campground.  The minister was a coal miner turned evangelist.  How's about that?!

Back in 1982, after suffering his third injury and surgery, he became permanently disabled.   He walks with a cane and he can't bend his leg.  He appears to get along all right, though it looks like it is painful for him.

He told me that he thanked God that he was alive, and decided to see what he could do to help others less fortunate than himself.   So, he set out to share God's love with others, first by opening a food pantry in his home, then offering his services as a chaplain at this campground where he had a camper trailer stationed for many years.

And so he and his wife have continuously minstered from April 1st to Oct 1st each year to thousands of campers all these more than 25 years offering counseling, encouragement, friendship and Sunday worship services.

I felt like I knew him and his wife and their little granddaughter who "led" the singing and blessed us with a special song.  

I never saw them before in my life.  But, our conversation yesterday connected us forever.   We share the experience of knowing Jesus as our Lord and being empowered by His Spirit.  We are family because of Jesus.   We are connected.

I may never see them again, but I have the memory of our meeting in my heart until I see them again in heaven.

Having Faith that Jesus has forgiven you and made you his own gives you Hope that He will walk with you and transform and strengthen you to serve others with Charity and compassion as He directs until the day He calls you home.

That was the simple message I heard's a good one any day.    It is so good to stay connected.


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