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"To Resolution, or Not To Resolution"...That Is The Question!

Posted by Lorraine Serra on December 28, 2010 at 12:51 PM

Perhaps you are like me. Each year I trouble myself to make a great effort to improve something in my life.  You know, like get healthier, eat better, work out more, or de-clutter, be more punctual and organized, spend more time with people I love, deepen my Bible study, save money,  yada yada yada.


Sound familiar?   And,do you, like me, then stand facing the future outcome of this mighty, worthy ‘resolution’ and feel defeated before you begin?

Do you sense that a few days into this noble venture you will fail, wallow in self-loathing and then just plain quit?

I read somewhere that research shows  the mind is 77% negative.  Maybe that’s true.  Maybe that’s why we can be so half-hearted, or why we procrastinate,  or why we become jaded and cynical.  We have a belief problem

That seed of doubt or disbelief sabotages all our efforts before we begin.  We are doomed to fail. This is a spiritual issue.


May I suggest a more positive approach to this New Year, whether you resolve to make a resolution or not?

Let’s truly put Christ first, and serving Him first and foremost

in every aspect of our lives and see what rewards and promises will be multiplied to us: discipline and peace.

Sounds ordinary, but when consciously applied, it is powerful.   Here is why:

Remember our study in Haggai, when in the final chapter God annoints Zerubbabel to lead the people to finish the temple building project?   Concurrently, in the book of Zechariah, the Lord assures Zerubbabel  that he will get the enormously challenging job done,

“Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit," says the Lord.

So, there are two ways to approach God’s work.  First, you can do it in the flesh, in your own strength.  That boils down to depending on influence, personality, gifts, natural resources,  education, will power, and experience.   

That’s a whole lot of variables and potential for failure.

Or, secondly, we can rely on the direction and empowerment of God’s Holy Spirit.  There is something unmistakably unique about activities and events which are ordered by the Lord.  Burn out and discouragement (remember the 3 D’s in our Haggai Study) are replaced by supernatural power, energy and commitment to serve God wholeheartedly. 

 When the Lord is in it,  we find more joy and equipping to accomplish His plan for  us:   caring  for our personal health, our families, getting organized and intentionally bringing God into our workplaces, activities and relationships. 

We are His workmanship, after all.  He expects and deserves our best and He promised to help us through  IF we yield and obey. We’ve studied His word and seen this dynamic truth in action.  Now, do you believe it?


Opposition and challenges won’t stop us.  We can and will do things God’s way and invite Him into every task.  The journey will be  sweeter and the Holy Spirit’s companionship so encouraging as He gives light to our days.   We can be overcomers and celebrate victory as we strengthen our awareness of God’s presence and seek to be an active partner in His plan in this coming year.  

Praise God for grace to review the year 2010, celebrate His mercies, repent of our disobedience and embrace His future for us with confidence.  Here we come 2011 !  

Blessed be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords,  Emmanuel, God with us!

As always, I welcome your thoughts.  Do you have a resolution?  Can we pray for you?

What strategies help you to be more conscious of Christ in your life?

Share freely so we all can be blessed!!





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