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Start A New Life As God's Treasure In His Kingdom

Posted by Lorraine Serra on July 28, 2011 at 9:46 AM

When you look in the mirror do you see someone who needs to start a new life? You might tell me you see a body that is overweight and skin beginning to show its age.

Whose voice do you hear? You may hear a voice whispering insults such as "underachiever who will never amount to anything". Perhaps you hear "over-achiever" or "workaholic" and feel guilty about how you manage your time and relationships. Some folks hear the words "ugly and worthless".

The labels we accept as our own can be removed. They must be replaced with what God says about us.   Even strong Christians sometimes only focus on their flaws and failures. Though we know nobody is perfect, except in the Lord's righteousness, the Enemy latches on to anything we count as weakness in order to drag us down.   He wants us to focus on ourselves, not on the Lord.

I am not going to tell you that beauty is only skin deep, or give you some platitude about " the effort is what counts". Change is good, but transformation is better.  The Word of God lasts forever, and its power to  transform has no equal.  The Word is Life. 

I will tell you a fact, remind you of a truth; the Word of God has unequaled power to transform.  The Word is Life. Straight from the sacred scriptures comes truth that is critically important to realizing the potential of starting a new life. It is the truth that will help you balance your life and truly set you free.

Are you ready?

You are a person of great value. You are deeply loved. Nothing you feel, do or say goes unnoticed. Though that may seem creepy or scary, there is also a great comfort in it. You are a priceless treasure to God. His eyes are on you and His heart is for you, at all times.

Before you turn away from this post, just choose to read on for 3 more minutes. You might be surprised and feel a new attitude of hope developing in your heart.  Listen, dear friend, and believe.

In the history of the Hebrew children of God in the Old Testament, as well as in every culture even through today, there are two different camps in existence: those who honor God and express loving fear of the Lord, and those who deny God or ignore Him either out of pride or ignorance.

Searching the scriptures we find that God is a benevolent, wise and loving God who has a purpose for each of us. He is a most loving Father who has intentions of blessing us, and a plan to prosper those who honor and obey Him, now and for eternity.

Conversely, the godless rely on their own strength and the wisdom of the world, each of which offers no guarantees. Perfection versus imperfection. Eternal versus temporal. Incorruptible versus corruptible.

In the camp that honors God there are choice gifts and blessings. The greatest gift is a fresh start each and every morning full of forgiveness for past mistakes and failures.

Does the person you see in the mirror need a major overhaul? Do you need a little forgiveness and a "do over"? God has made that available to anyone who asks. It is a free gift, but you must choose it.  Draw upon it daily.

Choose to start a new life! The gift is His Son, Jesus Christ. We choose Him again and again, every single day!   This is the conscious decision to walk in faith in what Christ has done, and what He is going to do in your life.  A citizen of the Kingdom reigns in Christ daily, so we must daily "put on the Lord Jesus Christ" Romans 13:14

Jesus Christ is in the business of making all things new, including your heart, mind, attitude, self-esteem, and relationships. Access to this makeover begins when you choose a relationship with Him. It is life changing. Not just once when you first believed, but every day.

He said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." That definitely sounds like all the ingredients for a makeover and a fresh start. What He offers is more than positive reinforcement or positive thinking. He offers complete transformation, a renewed mind, and a status as a citizen of God's kingdom with full access to all the power, authority and provision of the King.

The new life concept is very real. It begins when you come to know Who God is and who you are.

So here is the truth for your consideration. God says you are loved, accepted, adopted, forgiven, redeemed, chosen and blessed. When you look into the mirror, I hope you will see a precious child of God and embrace all He wants to teach you in this relationship to begin living as God's treasure and nothing else. That is what He desires for His people. Do you desire it for yourself?

God has some huge promises in store, too. He promises that those who honor Him will be called His own, and He will make them His jewels. He offers kindness and compassion instead of judgment. He will never leave you. He will complete the good work He has begun in you. He will supply all your needs, and work all things out for good in your life, as you live in harmony with Him.

God keeps calling us to start a new life. He calls us to know Him and believe what He says even as we believe oxygen is keeping us alive, though we cannot see it.

DoSo, friends, besides putting on the full armor of God to daily fend off the attacks of the enemy, start with a full on bath or shower in God's great and limitless love for you.   Meditate on your new labels to be assured and encouraged.

Do not wait any longer. Move beyond yourself and walk in true freedom as God's treasure.

Precious Father,

You never lie.   Today I receive and embrace who You say I am.  Fill me with Your spirit to believe and be transformed into new life in Your Kingdom today.  I am lavished by Your love, re-created anew, guided by Your Spirit to live out Philippians 4:13   "I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength."

Today, I will meditate on the words of Psalm 139: 17  "How precious are your thoughts about me, O God.  They cannot be numbered".   I know I am truly, deeply loved.

Praise the Lord.  Amen.


Pray Psalm 139 and Psalm 121 today.  These are power deposits of love to encourage your heart.    Polish up a bit, you beautiful jewel of the King!



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