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Reigning In Christ on Sept 11

Posted by Lorraine Serra on September 10, 2011 at 4:25 PM

This week has been bubbling over with news coverage of the 10th anniversary dedication of the Ground Zero Memorial on Sunday.  It has been chilling to watch broadcasts of that fateful day.  It is a day which marks most everyone’s lives.  We remember where we were when we heard the World Trade Center had been hit and the horror unfolded.  Our national grief joined those who lost their loved ones.

“God Bless America”, “We shall overcome”, “I’m Proud to Be an American”.  These were the common songs and cries as our people became united, denouncing terrorists, waving our flags.  Churches and synagogues were packed out, from fear, or in repentance and worship.  There was standing room only; at least for several weeks.

We are such a fickle people, aren’t we?  It is shocking to many of us, but true, that there will be no religious speakers on 9/11/2011.  Here is the story if you haven’t heard

There is also no room for first responders to be present.  I’m not sure I understand.  I think we live in denial and ignorance.  Ten years later, here we are still waging war against an almost invisible enemy, we are still uncertain of our national security, and in the Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave,  the atheists can still demand removal of a cross from the memorial, and the growing Muslim population in New York is welcomed to this international city of the world.    But, religious people of the Judeo Christian persuasion, especially Christians,  are being pushed to the fringes more and more.  Freedom is complicated and costly……and sorely unequal.

I think we all call upon God (except atheists, I suppose) when we are stretched beyond our limits, when we have nowhere else to turn, in time of crisis both personal and national.  

In 2001, I heard all kinds of references to God helping us, comforting us, protecting us on radio, television and in print.  If any atheists made any noise, I’m sure nobody paid them any attention in light of the depth of our national pain.

But, then, life returned to some sort of normal, and the demands of work and family crowded in once more to camouflage the evil we have witnessed.   We as a nation have applauded “our strength”, “our resolve” to move forward and transform despair into hope.  Memorials are being raised up.  Huge, expensive memorials, and a new improved plane-resistant World Trade Center.

It all reminds me of the Tower of Babel.  It reminds me of powerful kings and dictators through the ages who so arrogantly thought they owned and controlled their empires.   It reminds me of our inherently selfish, ambitious and stubborn nature.  Will we ever learn?

Who is the Eternal God that we might bow to Him alone?  Who is our Help, our Refuge, our Strength?  Who has walked on the water, and is not limited by time and space, flesh and bone?   Who has turned water into wine, and loaves and fishes into a feast for thousands?  Whose resources are grander than the universe itself?

Who has risen from the dead?   Shall we not turn to the One Majestic Lord Jesus Christ Whose love endures forever, Whose faithfulness is for all time,  Whose compassion fails not, Whose wisdom knows no bounds, Whose mercies are new every morning, Whose forgiveness is ever-available, Whose Life is without end?

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."

2 Chronicles 7:14

I am still praying this one.  I hope you are, too.  

Let us remember those who were lost, those who grieve, and offer the everlasting hope of Jesus to all who still walk the earth.

Dearest Lord Jesus

You wept over Jerusalem, You wept over your friend Lazarus, and I am sure You have wept over the devastation of genocide, abortion, murder and terrorism. 

Your Kingdom is indeed not of this world.   Your design has been so warped and marred by man's sinfulness.

Yet, You have saved us, redeemed us to be salt and light.  Let us not be just a metaphor, but truly live in Your Kingdom Power to be confident witnesses in this very lost and dying world.

You are Love.  You are Truth.  You are Peace.  We identify with Who You are, and live as Citizens of Your Kingdom until You come again!

Praise be to Our King Jesus!

Amen.  Halleluia!

As always, I appreciate your thoughts.  Please feel free to comment.  I'm praying for you.




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