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Got A Story to Share? Healing, Signs, Wonders Part 3

Posted by Lorraine Serra on October 27, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Forgive me, dear readers!  I have been absent.  I have been wrestling in my spirit with these things we are pondering about the spirit of power resident in all believers.  I feel so restless, so compelled to understand and operate as deeply in the Holy Spirit as He directs. 

I have read commentaries, studied scripture, listened to different pastors and teachers, and have gone round and round with the concepts of healing miracles and signs and wonders.  Though some would disagree, I find there is no formula, no decisive answer to the where, when, how of it.  Of course, not!   Who can know the mind of God?  Who can counsel Him?

His ways are so high above our ways.  But, without a doubt, He is with us, He has blessed us  through the covenant blood of Jesus,  He empowers us by His Holy Spirit to live for His glory, in obedience and faithfulness, He warns and equips us to be dressed for spiritual battle which is real in the unseen realm around us, and we can experience wonders because of His presence within us.

Jesus came that we might have abundant life.  He died in payment for all the sins of the entire world, for all time and He has offered this free gift to everyone.

But not everyone is saved.

When a gift is offered, it must be received, and accepted, or the full benefit of it cannot be enjoyed. The gift of salvation through Jesus requires acceptance, and a response of faith.  That faith gives birth to obedience and love in our hearts, and allows us to unlock "the mysteries of the kingdom revealed to little children".

Thanks be to God, let’s enter in and get ready to rest in His power.  Because, as usual, it’s not about our efforts, but about trusting in what God alone can do.

I left off last time with these concluding statements:

“At the root of our power or powerlessness is whether or not we have taken our place at the banqueting table of the Lord.

Our names are on the list (Salvation), we have received the invitation (the gift of the Holy Spirit), but what remains is for us to get on over to the feast and take our portion.”

I was inspired to be sure!  Where did those words come from?  I believe the Holy Spirit has spoken.

This analogy is only one of several we could make to understand accessing and using the power that Jesus has made available to us in His name, for His glory.

For example, consider your TV.   As it sits there silently in your room, even though silent, it is a gateway to accessing loads of information which is constantly being transmitted via cable or satellite.  Countless hours of entertainment, education, news, humor, and inspiration are available for the taking, 24/7.  Yet, unless you turn on your television, you will never access any of it.

Sometimes I feel like a Christian who has been “connected” to the source, which is always available because Jesus paid my cable bill in full, but I don’t make enough time to access all that He is transmitting via the Holy Spirit and the Word, and prayerful listening.    Does that make sense to you?  Can you relate? 

How much fullness and power am I missing?   What am I waiting for?   Because, when I do access it, watch out, Satan!  Watch out, world!  Remember, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is at work in us, and He that is in us is greater than any power in the world.

Or, what if you were to receive a most awesome gift, let’s say a brand new car.  Your dream car!  It is sitting in your driveway, totally paid for.  Even the insurance has been provided, and you have an inexhaustible gasoline expense account, too! 

The open road of possibility and adventure awaits and the key is in your hand.    You could have the ride of a lifetime, a journey to places unknown and yet to be discovered, or places you have always wanted to visit….but, you refuse to access it all because of… fear, doubt, time, possible demands and sacrifice? 

  (I know, you’re thinking, I don’t have enough vacation time! Ha ha ha )

Well, I think you get the picture.  It seems that taking steps in the spiritual realm and operating in the Spirit’s power, is a risky business. It seems so unnatural.  It makes us stop short of all that is possible. It is definitely so un-human, so other-worldly.

But, so is trusting in Jesus; at least in the eyes of our world that sees us as foolish, even ignorant and impractical.  How can we possibly believe we don’t earn our way to Heaven? That’s so unnatural!

But, just as we have placed our trust, our absolute confidence and faith in all that Jesus has accomplished for our salvation and right standing before God, we can also place our complete confidence and trust in the Holy Spirit to transmit powerful aids into our lives, and teach us about the authority we have been given as citizens of the Kingdom and heirs with Jesus Christ.   Step by step.  Testing the waters.  You have probably heard the expression, "If you want to walk on water, you gotta get out of the boat!"

If you believe you have never known the power of the Spirit at work in you, let me ask you a couple of things:

  Did you ever stop yourself when tempted to overlook a cashier’s mistake in your favor?  Or, suddenly feel you should take a different route to your destination?

  Guess what?  The Holy Spirit has renewed your mind to speak up and set things straight with that cashier.  He may have urged you to change your route for your protection, or maybe to reveal something you needed to see on the new path.

Something that often happens to me is a sudden change in my schedule.  When my plan was interrupted, I used to get all bent of shape.  Now, I have learned that the Holy Spirit is ordering my day for God’s higher purpose in my life.  A little unexpected down time may be just what I needed!  Or, perhaps, He has a special assignment for me that wasn't on my radar.

When was the last time you thought “I got to call so and so” and when you did, you found they really needed a friend and some prayer?  Or, did you ever suddenly get a strong urge to pray for someone?  

Then, the Spirit has been at work in you.

How about this:  Did you ever have someone unexpectedly give you the very thing you were in need of,  or connect you with someone who could meet your need, even when you never said a word about it?   The Holy Spirit has moved in somebody else’s life to be an answer to your need, even before you prayed about it. Why?  Because your heavenly Father knows your needs.

Here is one sure way you may have known the Spirit at work in your life.  Have you ever opened your mouth and spoken such wisdom with such clarity to someone, that there is no doubt the Holy Spirit  equipped you when you needed it?  

It's so cool when that happens.  It's the exact opposite of walking away from a conversation kicking yourself because of what you SHOULD HAVE said!

Have you ever made a new friend and realized soon after that God wants you to minister to this person in a specific way?  Can you remember reading scripture before you accepted Jesus, and struggling to understand it?  Most believers find that, indeed, the Spirit has opened the eyes of their understanding when studying the Word after they have become born again.   Indeed, He is the Spirit of Revelation and the Spirit of Truth.

If you have been thinking that operating in the Spirit means experiencing "over the top" signs and wonders all the time, well, just hold on a minute and let me ask you this:

Have you caught yourself growing in the fruit of the Spirit?  Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control? 

  If so, then the Holy Spirit is working in you " both to will and to do " as the Lord has instructed us.   Maybe your “new man” inside, and your new spiritual responsein a given situation is indeed a radical new sign and a wonder!   Miracles are happening all the time!  

See, it's not so strange and scary on a day to day personal level!   As we grow in our relationship with the Holy Spirit, and trust Him step by step, He will equip us for more.  Remember the parable of the talents?  See Matthew 25:14 - 28

Praise God!    Would you like to share how the Holy Spirit is working in your life?   Perhaps these examples will help someone else take a closer look within and risk accessing more of the Holy Spirit’s power.   Step by step.  Glory to glory.   He is all for us.  Do not fear.

Thank you, Father, that we can rest in all that You have already provided.  We humbly ask that we might be bold and fearless enough to receive all You are transmitting to us, that we may serve You and advance Your kingdom on earth. 

We praise You and bless You that we have been sealed by the Holy Spirit to live in Your power which produces rest, peace and joyful confidence in our Risen Lord.




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