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Song Chapter 3 Sweet Dreams

Posted by Lorraine Serra on October 4, 2016 at 3:25 PM

Have you ever had a restless night? Sometimes

dreams can seem so real, so frightening you can't

get back to sleep. Or sometimes they are very

encouraging and you never want to wake up!


It has been said that dreams are the way in which

the subconscious mind filters through and processes

those things which concern us in our waking hours.


Fear, longing, excitement, frustration, worry, anger,

peace, disappointment, you name it! Our very busy

minds and emotions can show up in our dreams

in stories that are usually symbolic, not literal.


I don't know about you, but I've had the one where

I'm about you? Or the one where I'm

flying. Talk about opposites!


Did you ever show up naked in a classroom or

workplace in your dream? So uncomfortable!


But, usually my dreams don't provide an ending!

I'm left hanging, wondering what that was all

about!   How about you?


In Chapter 3 of Song of Solomon, the Shulamite

woman seems to relate a dream which any

engaged woman with wedding jitters might have even today.


She is extremely stressed looking, searching,

desperate to find her man! Running through

the streets, she is asking in the town square and

pleading with the night watchmen,


“Have you seen the one I love?”


I wonder if her feet were running

in bed as she experienced this dream?


It sounds like she is overwhelmed

with fear that maybe he has changed his

mind about the wedding? Is she experiencing

inner turmoil about her value, her worthiness?


She can't find

him anywhere.


Then, coming out of the “wilderness”,

she sees her king, surrounded by valiant

warriors, carried on a royal couch arrayed

in gold, silver, purple. Her fears are

put aside because her bridegroom, her Beloved

has arrived for the wedding!


How wonderful that the dream becomes

reality and her restlessness is replaced

by promises fulfilled. 


Well, we know from our study so far

that this song poem is the beautiful story

of God's love for His people Israel, so

the symbolism is rich, historical and

still true for us today.


The restlessness of the night is very

much like our own. We can be

so overwhelmed with doubt and

anxiety with the challenges in our lives.


We can feel inadequate

and far from Christ, our King. We may feel

uneasy, unworthy, feeble in our attempts

to know Him and live in a way that

honors Him.  Is that you?   At times, it's me.


Yet, our King has demonstrated so clearly

that His love for us is sure and constant.


“God loved the world so much that He gave

His one and only Son, that whoever

believes in Him shall not perish, but have

eternal life.” John 3:16  What a promise!


“Nothing can ever separate us from the love of God

that is found in Jesus Christ our Lord.” Romans 8:39

This fills me with confidence~

He longs for us to embrace His gifts of love, joy,

wholeness and healing.  Why do we so often refuse

to lean on Him?  To trust Him?  Why do we lay down our burdens

for a while, only to pick them up again?



When we have entered into that loving, trusting

relationship with Jesus Christ, we are His, and

He never leaves us whatever may come in our lives.


We all know it ain't a perfect world. Never has

been, never will be. 


In the Song, Solomon uses the term “wilderness”

to symbolize this world so  full of troubles, lies,

distractions, violence, hatred, and insincere relationships.  

Yep!  2016 still feels the same way!

The Shulamite woman is so

distraught until at last, her

Beloved  arrives to claim his bride.  

Her story can be our story!


We, too, can rejoice, for our Beloved, Jesus Christ

has come for us!  He has promised to

carry us through this treacherous world

safely. We, the church, His bride, have

the eternal promises of our Bridegroom.


He alone wears the crown of victory over

troubles, over our sin, failures, and doubt.

Christ brings us into His own heart, and

desires that we bring Him home into ours.


Our wedding feast begins when we say

“I do” to Jesus; I do believe You are the

Son of God, that because of your great love

for us, you willingly died on that gruesome

cross in full payment of our sin



I do believe you arose back to life from the grave,

in full demonstration of your power over everything,

even death, and I give you my heart, my trust and will follow You.


I do believe you are a covenant King

who keeps His promises forever and

I will be forever with you, both now

and in Heaven.


Saying, “I do” to Jesus gives us a

model of love to enjoy for ourselves as His treasure, and to

share with our spouse and others.

Treasure Christ as He has treasured you!


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today

and forever. Hebrews 13:8   Hold fast to this truth and

“sweet dreams”, my friend.










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