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Posted by Lorraine Serra on June 18, 2010 at 8:56 AM

Well, friends, today is Friday and the first week of our summer vacation comes to a close.   Some folks have been out of school for a week or two already, but our cyberschool, and at least 2 districts I know of around here, just ended earlier this week.


So far, nobody is crying  "I'm bored!"  Just,  "I"m sick of this!"  We have been tackling our home reorganization plan.....well, it's not exactly a plan.   The boys have traded bedrooms upstairs, so there is mayhem and a great need for radical de-cluttering.   I am guilty as well.  Homeschooling, working, ministry, and life in general makes it hard to keep up with my ever-growing piles around here.  My friends know the scoop: at my front door is a sign which clearly states, "Martha Stewart does not live here!"  Ha ha, lol.


When my dear girlfriend gave that sign to me a couple of years ago, I just roared with laughter.  She had no idea just how true that message is!!


Well, the clutter is starting to clear, and we haven't forfeited time spent together swimming and visiting with friends, or praying for loved ones, or worshipping God.


Whatcha been up to? Wanna share with us?  Post a comment now.  We wanna "listen"!


The sun is shining!  All in all, looks like a great day ahead.  We should hit the trail or the park for a while.  Hope you can get out an enjoy, too!   God bless.

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