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Our Hearts Are At Rest #3

Posted by Lorraine Serra on January 8, 2015 at 9:30 AM

To be "at rest" in the Lord, the Bible makes it clear that we need to have a right relationship with God, our Father through His Son Jesus Christ.  

Rest is synonymous with quiet, contentment, relief and tranquility.   Obviously,  I am referring to the rest which is beyond physical rest from our hurried lives.  I am talking about spiritual rest which spills over into our emotional and physical realities.

Can you stand confidently before God, honestly and transparently, and feel completely loved and accepted? Have you embraced the entirety of His absolute forgiveness and love?   The balance of your life is deeply impacted by your answers.   The quality of your heart's rest is determined by your answers.

Though we read in scripture that the death and resurrection of Christ has purchased for us complete forgiveness, and it has wiped our slate clean, forever, still, we may doubt.   We are nagged by memories of shame or guilt.   Maybe from years ago, maybe from yesterday!

Oh, but to be able to say to the Lord, once again,  "Lord, Jesus!  I blew it!  Forgive me!"  and to know that his grace is immediately available, oh, what rest and relief comes over us.   

Hanging out with Jesus and being constantly aware of His presence helps us to avoid the failures.   His example rubs off on us, because His Holy Spirit indwells us to teach us, remind us and guide us....if we are willing to listen.   That "still, small voice" really does speak to us through a sudden thought, a word spoken, a song, a dream.  Have you ever heard it?

Max Lucado wrote something that really hit me....about truly believing that we are totally and eternally forgiven.   It is this truth which breaks down the barriers to full relationship with God.

"God guides us to a pool of mercy and invites us to bathe.   Some plunge in, but others just touch the surface.    Where the grace of God is missed, bitterness is born.  But where the grace of God is embraced, forgiveness flourishes...

The longer we walk in the garden, the more likely we are to smell like flowers.   The more we immerse ourselves in grace, the more likely we are to give grace."   From  the book, "In the Grip of Grace"

Hmmmm.  Which fragrance do you prefer?

Reminds me of this scripture which has truly influenced and shaped my interractions for years now, praise God!


"For to God we are the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing."   2 Corinthians 2:15

Lord, Jesus, thank you for making the pathway clear for me to enter into Your throne room of grace!  I am overwhelmed by Your mercy and love.  I thrive because I know I am forgiven and accepted.  I am grateful that You have set up residence in my heart to keep me in perfect rest.  It's all about You, Jesus!  Amen!

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